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    Ellis Dawe and Son Ltd Logo

    Ellis Dawe and Son Ltd

    Maschio DC3000 Rapido Power Harrow


    Maschio DC3000 Rapido Power Harrow - c/w packer roller - Exceptionally good condition - £6,750 All quoted prices exclude VAT. All machines are used unless stated otherwise

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    Rea Valley Tractors Ltd Logo

    Rea Valley Tractors Ltd

    KV NGH301 Power Harrow


    Condition: Very good
    Year: 2010

    c/w 585 packer Front levelling board 70% tine wear left 3mDepot: Sudbury Stock No: 40019297

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    J R Firby Ltd Logo

    J R Firby Ltd

    Used Amazone 4m Combination


    Amazone KG 402 power harrow, tyre packer, Q fit tines, levelling board, Amazone pneumatic AD-P402 drill, hydraulic driven fan, markers, following harrow,

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