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    Maximise The Return of Distressed Grains

    Maximise The Return of Distressed Grains
    We take damaged & distressed out of spec grains i.e. heated, wet, insect damaged, and compromised
    All types of cereal screenings
    Prompt payment
    Rapid and discreet service

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    Author Bryan Hill

    If you turn on the news recently you are very likely to hear something about Bovine TB and the involvement of badgers. It’s one of the most contentious subjects in the UK. Author Bryan Hill has spent the last 20 years tirelessly researching TB in Badgers and Cattle to bring you this highly......

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    Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks (1.200 x 0.600 x 0.600)

    £36 - £72

    Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks , Available in - 1.200 x 0.600 x 0.600 0.600 x 0.600 x 0.600 Can be used as Retaining Walls, Aggregate Bays & Temporary Walling. Each Block contains 2 lifting eyes that are cast within the block making it quick and easy to lift and re-position them.

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    Concrete Hanging/Slamming Gate Post


    Pre-Cast Concrete Hanging/ Slamming Posts Ideal For Farm Use with Galvanized Gates Has screw in lifting eye on the top of posts to make handling easy. Hinge distances can be changed to Fit your make of Gate upon Request for bulk orders. We currently produce posts to fit Batemans &......

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