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    Floor boarding,genuine Georgian pine reclaim


    Floor boarding,genuine early Georgian pine reclaimed from very large reception room. Good quantity available (see photos), mainly 10'-12' lengths + small qty shorter pieces.Boards are 6-6.5" wide x 1-1.25" thick. Would sand or plane easily or lay just as is.

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    Bancilhon Micro 50 irrigator, 50mm x 165m.


    Bancilhon Micro 50 irrigator, 50mm O/D x 165m. c/w raingun/single sprinkler unit. Useful compact sized unit for horticultural or amenity turf useage. Reel drive piston currently detached and needs reconditioning by suitably skilled engineer. Attention also required to associated control system -......

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    Juko T40 4m drill,


    Juko T40 drill, 4m,Suffolk coulters - close spaced, tramlining, markers, following harrow. End-tow kit included. Good straight original condition c/w control box.

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    RES Tractors Limited Logo

    RES Tractors Limited

    Quivogne APX TL 4M



    Quivogne APX TL 4M , 1999, c/w Press Draw Bar at rear, will need new discs, front discs 20%, rear discs 35%. £2250 plus VAT ex yard

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    Dowdeswell DP8A plough, 4 furrow reversible


    Dowdeswell DP8A plough, 4 furrow reversible, 12" SCN bodies, sword landslides, full set of skims, rear land wheel - recently renewed. Metalwork generally all good. A very good, straight and original plough which has come from a careful light land user. Would go very well and look right behind a......

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    G.D.O. Howell Logo

    G.D.O. Howell

    Kverneland VD 85-160-8


    Kverneland VD 85-160-8, 3 furrow reversible plough, with No 8 bodies. 160hp headstock. CAT 2 linkage. Manual front furrow width adjustment. Hydraulic ram to assist manual furrow width selection. Rear depth wheel. Boards and shares good but needs new shins and some points. No welds/repairs to......

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    G.D.O. Howell Logo

    G.D.O. Howell

    SKH Crumbler cultivator


    SKH Crumbler cultivator, 4m, fitted with rigid tines, 16 front & 15 rear, drive train good and crumbler bars not unduly worn. Linkage etc would suggest little usage. Depth adjusters need freeing off. A straight example but poor paintwork. £1,850+VAT

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    Farol Ltd Logo

    Farol Ltd

    Oxdale RT400


    Oxdale RT400 - Petrol Engine driven road tow-able hydraulic log splitter - 10 tonne splitting force - The RT400 log splitter has been designed to be driven to the location where it is to be used. It can either be used attached to the tow vehicle or on the jockey wheel - The log splitter can be used......

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